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Diversity & Disparity Reports

The New York State population is dynamic and continues to grow in its cultural diversity, beyond urban centers. Understanding sociodemographic variability and changing trends overtime, is essential for drafting and implementing policy that promotes equity in service delivery and practice.

NYS Social & Cultural Statistics by County Report (2019)

Unmet Needs Assessment – NY Statewide Report (2011)

Assessments & Toolkits 

Cultural Competency Assessment for Organizations (2019)

NKI Cultural Activation Prompts (2014)

Modifying Evidence-Based Practices to Increase Cultural Competence: Toolkit & Workbook (2010)

Cultural & Structural Competence Curriculum

All levels of the mental health services workforce – from governance to frontline –  must be trained in the practice of cultural & structural competence using innovative strategies that promote self-awareness, and humility.

Health Habitus Integration Training: Social Determinants-Informed CLAS for Behavioral Health Workforce (Full-day Fact Sheet) (2018)

Cultural & Structural Competence Training: Social Determinants-Enhanced CLAS (2018) 

Health Habitus Integration: Methods & Preliminary Evaluation Data

Health Habitus Integration: Implementation Qualitative Data (2019)

Health Habitus Integration: Implementation Survey Data (2020)